The Emperor Establishes Anyi The New Capital.

Li Jue and Guo Si Duel In Changan;
The Emperor Establishes Anyi The New Capital.

the last chapter told of the defeat of Lu Bu, and his gathering the remnant of his army at Dingtao. When all his generals had joined him, he began to feel strong enough to try conclusions with Cao Cao once again.

Said Chen Gong, who was opposed to this course, “Cao Cao is too strong right now. Seek some place where we can rest a time before trying.”

“Suppose I went to Yuan Shao,” said Lu Bu.

“Send first to make inquiries.”

Lu Bu aGREed.

  the news of the fighting between Cao Cao and Lu Bu had reached Jizhou, and one of Yuan Shao’s advisers, Shen Pei, warned him, saying, “Lu Bu is a savage beast. If he gets possession of Yanzhou, he will certainly attempt to add this region to it. For your own safety you should help to crush him.”

  Wherefore Yuan Shao sent Yan Liang with fifty thousand troops to destroy Lu Bu. the spies heard this and at once told Lu Bu, who was GREatly disturbed and called in Chen Gong.

  “Go over to Liu Bei, who has lately succeeded to Xuzhou.”

  Hence Lu Bu went thither.

  Hearing this, Liu Bei said, “Lu Bu is a hero, and we will receive him with honor.”

  But Mi Zhu was strongly against receiving him, saying, “He was a cruel, bloodthirsty beast.”

  But Liu Bei replied, “How would misfortune have been averted from Xuzhou if he had not attacked Yanzhou? He cannot be our enemy now that he comes seeking an asylum.”

  “Brother, your heart is really too good. Although it may be as you say, yet it would be well to prepare,” said Zhang Fei.

the new Imperial Protector with a GREat following met Lu Bu ten miles outside the city gates,

and the two chiefs rode in side by side.

They proceeded to the residence and there,

after the elaborate ceremonies of reception were over,

they sat down to converse.